Online Consenting 

GoCouncil, via their cloud-based portal, enables Local Government to provide a Council-branded option to their customers for creating and submitting building consents online.

The building consent form is identical to the paper-based version but uses smarts such as pre-populating data, automated hide/show logic and mouse-over help guideance to save the submitter time and effort when completing the form. Additionally with data validation, it ensures that all of the consents submitted to Council will not be missing any information which reduces the time and effort involved in SRFI's prior to lodgement. With a fully featured forms builder it gives Local Government the ability to amend the consent forms as/when needed without requiring any specialised help.

The GoCouncil portal is fully integrated to the GoGet consent processing system which means that for Councils who already use GoGet, as consents are lodged, they are automatically fed into the GoGet system. This creates a significant time save and reduction in human data entry errors.

We're happy to visit and provide a demonstration on-site of how your Council or BCA can benefit from using the GoCouncil portal. To arrange a demonstration, please contact us.